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Fishing Smallmouth Bass with Mantracker!

We had a very rare and unique opportunity this fall the go fishing with Mantracker and his guide Phil!!! The guys were in town filming for an upcoming episode, and we had the chance to meet with them to have a drink at the lodge. After finding out that they both loved to fish for smallmouth bass, but haven’t had the chance in many years, we offered to take them out for a couple of hours. Well, they gladly accepted!

ontario smallmouth bass with Mantracker

We headed out to one of our local secret spots which is always a great bass producer. We were using a combination of live bait and tube jigs in anywhere from 5 to 20 feet of water off of shoals and weed beds. After being out for only 2 hours, it was time to return for more filming, but we managed to get into at least 20 good sized fish! We just want to give a big thank you to Terry and Phil for a great day on the water! You never know who you will meet in Elliot Lake! We’ve had the chance to fish with quite a few celebrities such as Bob and Wayne Izumi, the Dimestore fishermen, The New Fly Fisher, and now Mantracker! Come see us for a fishing adventure and we’ll make sure you get the same celebrity treatment with Elliot Lake Outfitters and! Fish on!!

Elliot Lake smallmouth bass fishing with Mantracker

Elliot Lake smallmouth bass fishing with Mantracker

Elliot Lake smallmouth bass fishing with Mantracker



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